Harvard University Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
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*Harvard University*

There will always be someone smarter.
There will always be someone stronger, someone faster.
There will always be someone who is hungrier.
There will always be someone more skilled.
There will always be someone, somewhere, who is better at the craft.
But there will never,
Be a school better than this.



Fair Harvard! Let this house adopt the nation’s best,
Over ten thousand men and women of honors,
Sharing one color in the college crest,
Rising as a Crimson body of scholars.
This house has led presidents to the White House,
Heralding Prime Ministers and Nobel Laureates,
The leaders in business, politics, and science,
Began in the lather of the Mather House.
The gathering of minds never forgets:
The lasting value of the Harvard alliance.

Go Harvard! Let your Primal Scream be seen!
A streak of Harvard’s pride and joy exposed
In the library stacks and tonight as a team
On to exams where knowledge echoes.
Go Team! Prevail over Eli!
Win the Game, Relish victory!
Fight fiercely for our hallowed name,
In its carried strength—you can rely.
Our awaiting success was meant to be—
Since 1636 when our pedigree came.

Oh, Harvard, your years represent our growth,
From the country’s oldest house of higher learning,
Not just the oldest or truest, we’re both,
Yet in these halls there remains a yearning
For something that joins greater than us all—
The continuance of the finest university tradition,
That as ancestors—we must see live.
On this elite establishment we stand tall
As part of the awe with no part an omission;
In cohesive ramparts every part must give.

Stand, Harvard! Let your contemplative eye be raised,
Make wells from the deep, yet untapped vessels,
Then let your streaming hard work be praised
By outsiders and inward—where the crimson nestles.
Take pride in this elusive achievement,
Millions have dreamed it, but We Are Here,
The chosen few that have walked Cambridge
With steps that survive after bereavement;
Showing our successors the coast is clear
To walk every hill, mountain, and ridge.

Fair Harvard! Let us be your royalty and knights,
We will carry the lineage of our ancestors
To another generation of majestic heights
With the ascending stock of past investors.
Like our fathers’ fathers and their mothers before,
You’ve helped us certify a great legacy.
Yes, Fair & Supreme Harvard,
We were born to forefather your lore,
We promise to keep this shared destiny,
Truth is our motto: That is our word.

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