Nurse’s Orders

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*Nurse’s Orders*

If I found love…I’d nurse it — no, I’d
Coach It.
No-no wait, yeah I’d nurse it.
I mean yeah there’s the downsides,
The tragic accidents,
The burns,
And maybe even a train wreck or two…
But that’s not really what I mean.
I was gonna say I’d coach it, but I think “nurse it” is better.
Yeah, I like that better.
Because I’d make sure that shit stays alive.
And I’d do it with tough love.
And strategy, too.
So you can understand why I was about to say “coach?”
No, but yeah, I’m sticking with nursing it.
Is that effeminate to choose nursing over coaching?
A lot of guys are nurses nowadays…

Man, I’d be a hell-of-a nurse…
Because I’d make sure it stays alive.
Well I’d sort of be that Doctor of Love you always hear about.
Only I’m Only a Nurse.

I’d have irregular consults and be like,
“Baby, slow downnnnn..
I’m not going anywhere.
You got my line. I gave you my Extension.”

Seems after I gave her that Extension —
My phone couldn’t stop ringing.

We talked for hours just yesterday…
Sat under Capella in sync in A Cappella:
Just three days before tomorrow.

You need to take a break,
Otherwise you’ll exhaust yourself…
Worse Yet — You’ll Exhaust Us…
This Investment is gonna take Trust.
So believe me when I say I’ll be here…
We’ve had enough memories to last a week-time…
So don’t come back so soon —
Or our love will turn into a flat line.

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