University of New Hampshire Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
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In Wildcat Country, there’s only one way to live,
it’s the
of the wild.
Wild, Cats, Go Wild.
Blowing free—
Nor’easters of Force
Storming the White Mountains,
Snow-shoeing to winter’s peaks,
Skiing downhill &
Climbing the weeks.
Clawing the winds of time’s vortex,
thereby unleashing the
Perfect Storm.

New Hampshire has whiteouts that
are hazardous to visitors,
but they bring the home team to
their familiar destination. A place accustomed to winning,
and winners…
Winners who beat unfavorable conditions like Erin Whitten;
Wildcats like Bob Miller, Louis Frigon, and Dave Lumley
who slid On to Victory.
Whiting-out Whitt helps Black Bears who believed
they were on the road to victory
see that they are now stranded and out of luck,
and are reminded
just how much they suck.
And for Terriers who leave home believing
they will go through our house,
the road sign reads:

Sucks to B-U.

Your very existence is a penalty:
Skate, Skate, Skate, sit down, bitch,
Now check the final scoreboard:
You lost, lost, lost, like Blair Witch.

UNH is a blast of revolting degrees—
Winners of storms like the colonies,
A revolution on ice, a sea of parties,
Formed by the Cat Pack—ruffling speeds.

Breaking to the T-Hall lawn to
get in the groves,
in an altered setting for the classroom
as well as study.
This free space gives us the outlet
to feed off the energy of sources like
to throw caution to the wind
and the fish on the ice.
Transferring the energy of being free to the
Wildcats on the rink,
Then charging in the school power hub,
The primary outlet called the MUB.

These spaces are reserved for all that is free.

UNH is forever known as Wildcat Country…
and in this country there is but only one law…

It is
Planted in this land with the flag—
Since the year 1776…
We still abide,
Live Free or Die.

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