Princeton University Tribute Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
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*Princeton University*

Princetonians, delight! For history is on your side!
Princetonians, unite! Return for the annual P-rade!
The Princeton Reunions bring Tiger pride
Back to Nassau—our first building ever made
To gather for another joyous raid.

We will again take in the beauty
of architecture renowned, Romanesque, & modern;
The Gothic bricks and sculptured fury
Decorate this campus near flowers of auburn.
Let’s re-feel these fuels of creation that burn.

We sip the splendor of senses by the lake,
The sensory conception of Lake Carnegie,
Our skulls are Ovals without Points—unlimited for the sakes
Of refreshing for study, winning the Cane Spree,
And cruising Newman Day—on beer’s floating sea.

The Tigers eat and drink on The Street like animals,
Pillaging the Eating Clubs like a Hot Prospect,
Through all eleven houses—our packs ran the mill,
We ran life’s bill, but hadn’t felt the cost yet,
And lived what was priceless so now we’re all set.

Ready to remember those fond Princeton years,
Everywhere there’s a smile and never a scowl,
Elation in the dance of our gleeful cheers,
Loud as the sound of the Holder Howl
Before dates with the dean leading exam prowls.

Here’s to another reunion—don’t call it a comeback,
We never left Nassau or our Princeton days,
Other schools have assets but there’s always some lack
Of the same opportunities that Princeton paves;
Like our Financial Aid, the Princeton way pays.

The Princeton diploma means the highest degree
of achievement, wits, determination…
The Princeton alumni would all agree
That this is the land where we had our germination,
And our growth still defies—the dread of termination.

Princetonians are the course of history!
Endowing the embryo of American Football,
Carrying the best Department of History,
And a blazing bonfire on Cannon Green in the fall.
Let’s sing in this fire—Goin’ Back to Nassau.

The FitzRandolph Gate we left
During final ceremony—
Opens to every class present a represented breadth
Of Princetonian Pride still on territory,
With praised Ivy stones—in our memory.

Down Elm Drive is the Princeton locomotion!
The 25th Reunion is the steam in the front,
In groups of five the classes cause a commotion
On a train filled with beer jackets, costumes, love’s brunt,
And families all aboard—who ride the emotion.

Fireworks end the fun like a spring Lawn Party,
Our parties of five mix with all the Orange and Black,
Alums from the past have attended partly
For remembering, the rest for the large fact:
That attending Princeton means
You always come back:

Hip-Hip! Rah-Rah Rah! Tiger-Tiger-Tiger! Sis-Sis-Sis! Boom-Boom-Boom-Ah!

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