Seton Hall Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
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*Seton Hall*

Steadying oneself on flooded sails,
then calming a crew headed
towards impending doom,
Helping the heads bow at the fore to pray…

P.J. Carlesimo taking over the ship of a program
on the verge of collapse,
and rebuilding with the sum
of all parts until it reached the
brink of the champion’s gold…

A pitcher reminding a team that faces a large deficit,
That it takes more than
one individual stepping up to the plate at a time,
but a band of Pirates who board the same goal,
before an obstacle can wash away…

That’s Leadership.

A house unwavering in letting out
Congressmen, senators,
Federal judges & governors…

A School of Diplomacy that hosts a forum
of World Leaders who speak to the audience
about change,
so that someday they can change places…

Studying from night to day in President’s Hall
as catalytic converters of mental darkness
with emissions of light found on the papers
turned in…

That’s Scholarship.

Doves flying out from the
basement of Boland
into soup kitchens on Thursdays
Onto the community each Saturday…

Building a house
for wandering youths and
teenage mothers…where new
hope is birthed with Raphael’s Life…

Volunteering wherever there is need:
El Salvador, Haiti, The nursing home of White House,
and in our cove of need—South Orange, New Jersey…

That’s Service.

Greeks gathering in April
on the Green for BBQ and laser tag
and for a week of solidarity…

Friendly competition in Land Olympics
Where sport meets school cheer,
And the result is a pyramid of colors
that clashes not…

A week where leaders, scholars, and servers
commingle, and all these different letters
translate the same message:

That’s “Brotherhood…”
that is
Seton Hall.

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