Stevens Institute of Technology Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
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*Stevens Institute of Technology*

When the word “Innovation” is used at
Stevens Institute of Technology,
It is not just to state what has come out this institution,
but to remind today’s world just where it came from:

the creators of tomorrow,
world leaders making way,
beginning in a capital where
future entrepreneurs get a return on
their investment
at a rate that outpays
98% of the competition.

This is where Innovation grows
with interest,
with creative cultivation—
We’ve reached the highest point of Hoboken,
and are always configuring the parameters of the

Stevens is a classroom that transcends the labs
and the graphs to find the point;
in cross-functional terms
We Solve for Y,
Finding answers where applications are not in a
but are waiting with the imperative
of the outside world.

We are
People in Motion
like Charles Stewart Mott,
building solar homes
with our energy,
so that mothers of three can inhabit
in the disruptive vision that Ducks lived in.
Like our builders of the beams we are always
making room,
and at the top of Hoboken,
the view is exceptional.
Stevens Institute is where Innovation
transfers like in-state credits
In the bi-currents of the global solar panel,
We are the electricity.
We have landed
“Through adversity to the stars,”
with belief that tomorrow doesn’t come
through sleep,
It rises from the
And is
Ours to Create.

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