New Jersey Institute of Technology Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
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Up the grand staircase of Eberhardt Hall—
The larger-than-life landmark of NJIT,
A Class of ’85 Physics major passed the railing of black walnut
and beheld his greatest discovery.
Ten years after his final science assignment,
He found that it is not only the astronomers
who depend on the alignment of the stars.
This ten-year reunion spurred a new beginning
from functions only then fully awakened.
An Alumni Weekend offering a beneficiation
of the Cosmos,
allowing the unknown to process then extract life.

The Biogenesis.

His discovery had made contributions
inside Guttenberg a decade ago,
a true product of the sciences,
and on this night it was the physicist’s
beautiful discovery
That also found him.

The physicist left the reunion
With this discovery that escaped
Him during his four-year tenure.
With an amorous equipoise,
They walked out together
to the wonders of love.
Today, twenty years later,
Their creation is in the
MFC cleanroom,

Depositing a life’s work fueled by such discoveries.

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