Rutgers Creative Piece (Tribute)

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!


*Rutgers—New Brunswick*

Scarlet Knights,
Take New Brunswick!
And with the Raiders & Raptors
We make New Jersey!
Inside the
The State University of New Jersey,
We’ve arrived at the floodgates of
college life.
With 60,000 Knights in the Rutgers cavalry,
it’s unquestioned:
Is Ready.


R-U Rah Rah!
R-U Rah Rah!
Hoo-Rah! Hoo-Rah!
Rutgers, Rah!
Upstream, Red Team!
Red Team, Upstream!
Rah! Rah!
Rutgers, Rah!

This calls the unbridled charge of RU,
Are You Ready?
Hoo-Rah! To the field is our crew;
Opposition: Not Ready.
In the record books
we are college football’s home team,
in its first game,
Princeton got creamed!
Two points back then
is converted now
to a blowout,
We own the Cannon,
Scarlet Fires: Tigers smoked out.
The popping sound is still
ringing through:


Scarlet Knights now invade the Big Ten,
Headed upstream is the nobleman tin,
Making advance in the Land Discovery,
In the largest school repository.
In research, the Knights take on disease,
And by night, we party as we please:

The night is

And yes, we’re ready
Main and Union Street,
To Frat Row parties to yup it up with freshies,
Where the boy/girl ratio is always 1 to 3.


Fucking Kidding Me?

That’s the Rutgers expression
When males see it’s only Knights—
with breast plates allowed
It’s back to lonely nights.

To Douglass the Knights go!
They begin the panty raid!
They spread out like marmalade.

Knights get a kiss by the lake
submerge in Passion Puddle,
And over at the Bridge,
lovers merge into a cuddle.

When new blood gets in Rutgers,
Scarlet happy dance—the party’s on,
And for the next four years,
College Ave.—
Dance Marathon.

Rutgers is New Jersey,
The state comes out—
Rutgers Day;
And though they canceled Rutgersfest,
The streets fill—

Where else can you find The Grease Trucks?
Fat Sandwiches,
Gimme some;
“Fat Cats,” “Fat Darrell,”
“Fat Bitches,”
The “Bitches” went to “Beaches,”
And we at Bishop Beach—
Show & Tell;
Cut-up from the Rec,
Fresh with even tone—

Ready for another party
at Delta Phi
with that jungle juice,
With stories worthy of the Targum,
Hung out all night—
Stretched the noose.
When we claim the best,
We don’t stretch the truth,
R-U is Jersey’s sacred youth,
It’s unity—a collective group,
On Unity Day—
We bring the proof.
We’ve found our home.
Have you?
We bring the noise.
Do you?
At Rutgers,
We’re all one,
New Jersey—
We’ve all won,
We’re at the college peak:

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