Adelphi University Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
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*Adelphi University*

The truth is,
These Panthers were born to live in this Garden.
Where they claw not to survive, but to live.
Living four stories high with barrels of fire tossed down
from the top of its escape onto the streets—
Blazing a line for Olympic athletes like Mel Pender to run,
and trailing behind was a nation of global learners in a LGS program
on a campus represented by over 60 countries.
Adelphi has Panthers co-habiting inside warm residence halls,
and in dynamic dwellings such as Manhattan lofts and apartments.
Is the commitment on the lease,
but New York artists demand a big release.
The sky is opening before us,
and these balloons
released by Ruth St. Denis are going wherever the wind takes them,
as long as it’s upward.
Dancers who tap into Broadway, even if they never make its doors.
Panthers, this Garden will allow you to develop;
In they shall pour to watch you produce.

Stage light,
May you beam down,
revealing these souls.

As the viewers sit in rigid chairs motorized,
with the human capacity for expanse mobilized.

These quarters can hold you no more:
Artist. Be Free.

Opening night, Adelphi students can live an experience,
and share
Rent free.
Adelphi is 525,600 minutes stacked four stories high,
Every time Panthers move,
they pack
the room with energy.

With the first university-based clinical psychology school,
Adelphi has shown those who currently disbelieve,
that they, too, can dance. And that the rhythm
of a Panther’s potential carries no coda.
This truth is found in the performance space of
Adelphi University,
where as a Panther you are already set,
now let
The truth
be you free.

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