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Paradox of “I Love You”

“You give one heart You get back two That’s the paradox Of I love you Said when you give your heart You get one, too That’s the paradox Of I love you”

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The Saddest Love Lamented

*The Saddest Love Lamented* Relationships, crushes on a familiar face ending in premature rejection that terminates a one-sided courtship…even engagements and marriage that falter before and after the altar…each have completed chapters. There’s no need to ask what would happen

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Warm Place

*Warm Place* She could only hail from such a Warm State. She always comes from such a Warm Place. She has the heart of Palm Trees and Sunbeams. Each Visit is Exquisite. I want to go with her. In Chicago,

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Lynn University Poem

*Lynn University* When past meets future For hearings on who shall rule, Lynn Knights, what say you? You can preview and purchase Alma Mater Vol. 4 below: You can also find the link to the entire four-volume collection below as

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*Stardust* There’s a certain magic in the air. Of a Virtual Variety. What we are—I don’t know or care to define. I will protect our secret like an illusionist—No, I won’t touch it. I can’t lose it. I want to

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*Buck-Fiddy Grizzled*

*Buck-Fiddy Grizzled* And Now!!! Coming down the aisle… At a Buck-Fiddy Grizzled… A Grown-Ass Man in the Toy Aisle!!! And that’s how I like it. I need the peace and quiet to return to a time when My Mind Went

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* 誕生祝い* There are well over 5,000 languages in the world. Not tonight. Tonight the same audible cry is heard… In the: República Federativa do Brasil, Jamhuri ya Uganda, Republiken Finland, Gumhūriyyat Misral-‘Arabiyyah, Bhārat Ganarājya Estados Unidos Mexicanos y The

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