The New School

*The New School*

It’s a school of punks disturbing the order,
sticking buds to the establishment and sounding off
not to fight no power, but to mix it up and reverse and make
the glaring world spin from the tailors of turntables. Streetcars
Desire with souped-up kicks stepping into the flux, Following the Beats.
Following the Beats into this new generation, regenerating a new genesis
of The Fugitive Kind. Sweet Birds of Youth making expressions like an artist at work
with impressions on the design of the face of the hollow times.
Narwhals are a species
Walking off the district runway and making over the grid.
It’s the cats in Double RLs with the Carolina Wash and classic aviators;
girls wearing Donna Karan with the hip-slung belts,
Vita dresses in the spring.
It’s rockin’ the just-released Sarah Phillips as this studio releases a new line of designers.
before New York was in Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Alexander Wang, and Narciso Rodriguez,
They were all in Parsons.

In the rooms of Parsons, changing never goes out of style.

This here is the fit for more internationals than anywhere else. These ain’t tourists. These are the new photographers of New York, taking in Manhattan with the most powerful lens and snapping off with a deep focus.
It’s where the avant-garde meets the future and says, “How have you been?”
and the future continues to respond,
“Young gun, what are you up to?”
This joint is Not about Nightingales,
it’s about the Sweet Bird whose vernal voice begins a new day
of fashion…
A makeover of the laid-out schemes
in a takeover of the business with genius in seams.
Playing with creative excess with no
delaying or any recess.
These shows present
The Evidence of Things Not Seen,
Cover models of vantage points with
a whole new look.
The who’s who is at the Fusion Fashion Show,
to see the reveal of another Runway Project…
The show started in 1919,
and these models are still reppin’ out

The New School.

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