Penn State Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
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*Penn State*

They said that we were history.
Penn State is history,
We Are Penn State.


They said that we were history.
Much like Pearl Harbor, and the Great Flood of 1889:
History is not the tragic event itself,
History is what survived it.

And what is found here in this Park
Goes a lot further than any field.

Engineers by the thousands travel this country and, much like their university, are committed to rebuild.
Buildings like Old Main, which began our history, and hovering tall—
It stands.
Monuments like The Nittany Lion Shrine, which guards this home, and on Homecoming,
Standing in the Lion’s place,
We switch shifts.
Moments inside The Hub and outside Berkey Creamery, where we indulge in the delight of friendship, with its sweetness frozen in time.
A party history that goes on, as the times we had—stand, still.
This is the best party in all Pennsylvania,
Those invited,


In this world of survival of the fittest,
The Nittany Lions have survived
With a two-time national champion men’s team, and the winningest team in women’s history,
We have conquered the sport of volleyball, including 2008, when our
Men and Women took to the top together.

There are celebrations in the Rec Center, when Russ leads the team to yet another national championship. And there are celebrations when Cael Sanderson continues to lead our wrestling program to the dynasty of this generation. Yes, there is a lot to celebrate at Penn State.
We have celebrated the development of heart-assist pumps and the first rechargeable pacemaker,
And through such celebrations,
We have learned that Penn State is designed to survive
Even the hardest of heartbreaks.

They said that we were history.
They then justly cleared our field.
Even in light of what’s been erased,

Our whiteouts will never fade.

And now we take back our field.

We are fighters.
We are revelers.
We are believers.
We are tomorrow.
They said that we were history…
Shhhh. We are still working.
We—Are—Penn State.

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