University of Rhode Island Creative Piece

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!



Rhode Island is a treasure—hidden in the sand,
Where the visual’s bland can now get an even tan,
Where the ocean meets the shore with beaches galore,
Whether beaches or parties: There’s always more.
The summertime’s here and leaving seniors arrive,
On Block Island—to take a deep dive,
Into the state with some fine maritime,
All aboard the yacht, Rams, cuz it’s party time!
After leaving URI, they’ve begun their 5th year
Of basking in this glory—remaining at the steer.
When bodies float to campus they sail away…sail away…
Others are taken by the scene then fail away…fail away…
Not these seniors, they have left with well-wishings,
The freshmen all get hooked, then come out shells: Shellfishing.
They find all the parties and right there begins the gamut,
There’s a ragin’ scene in Kingston—and one in the Gansett.
This yacht has seniors who’ve been there, done that,
And loved every minute so they remain on tap—
Ready to pour freely in the basin, break the seal,
Taken by the rolling coasts the countless bluffs reveal.
This yacht is rockin’ hard—Cumberlandite,
The sun and bouncing waves make an unencumbered sight,
When this boat’s a-rockin’, don’t come—refrain,
Don’t knock and disturb, wait up, they just came.
They hook up on this yacht like an end to a nexus,
The music’s in the sheets the theme’s the Battle of the Sexes,
Four years back: They were landing in the dorm,
Now they’re in the waters “facing” Newport Storm.
Those years of beverages are now leveraged in the gut,
They washed down those lunches and dinners from “The Butt,”
They call the hall The Butt because it tastes like bass,
Fresh, well-cleaned, and scaled up the class.
These Rams, they had times with emotions still harbored,
So though they graduated they remain on the harbor,
If you want a school that parties, well here, they do,
But don’t think they don’t Think Big because
We Do.

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