Brown University Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
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*Brown University*

Boarding Brown
Means you have already arrived at forever,
Beginning at the Van Wickle Gates in the fall,
Attached to this Loose Ivy, the Bears flow wherever
The ocean of glorification calls.
In God We Hope is our phrase—it’s the motto,
And we hope to God you can share this journey,
Of cruising great waves with the mind on auto,
Set to embark and add sails to our story:

One of Discovery
American Revolutions;
Collectivism with searchers
Who find absolution…
In the destination
of our journey itself…

The Ivy League’s golden crown:
The free-thinking palace that’s
Boldly Brown.

Carrying ideas that move each of their makers—
Is a vessel of artists, activists, and growers,
In the dough of academia—we are the bakers,
Rising to the top like our female rowers.

The men fleet isn’t far behind,
Though it’s education that makes the man,
Bears learning & advancing mankind:
Thinkers & reformists who join Horace Mann.

In the annals of the history of modern education,
On the grass where we dance on the Island greens,
The tracked grass reforms—into Brown creation,
These grounds are where Bears’ tracked spirit careens.

This is our home, our destination, our journey,
Come join us in forever—within this residence,
Once more, our destination is our journey:

We shall see you in Providence.

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