Middlebury College Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
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*Middlebury College*

Come ye all around the Christmas tree. From
to this Lighting,
All around is Christmas glee.
A Christmas tradition passed from Vermont
The Mansion of D.C.

When Paul Moody began this tradition,
Who could’ve known what would be given back?
A true
Gift for Giving.

Not confined to Christmastime but due to charitable benefactors
like Gamaliel Painter and the Secret Santa of ’04:
Vermont has ingrained a land forever for free men,
Beginning as the first state to abolish slavery and
in the tunnel of equal progression, Alexander Twilight was the first highlight
of this legacy where a Bachelor’s freedom is shared with women,
black Panthers,
and any other who has wished to join
Club Midd
to see the campus art, rove the open spaces, and ride the thrill
of Winter Carnival.

Each year there are many who make this same wish around the world…

And underneath the lights of the National Christmas Tree and shooting stars,
Middlebury’s selected few only want to get back home to their wish…
Thus reliving the joys of Christmas every day.

Swooshing down the slopes of the College Snow Bowl on a campus
Where knowledge and virtue await you,
a premiere Liberal Arts College that
leaps through winter higher
than any other school
as winter’s spire.

Middlebury has Panthers who patrol the
peaks of knowledge & mountains,
then the Snow Bowl—
chuting down the verge of a readied escape
Where Febs begin the winter procession
to receive a diploma in any degree
then graduate to a reality away from their wish.

Each year there are many who make this same wish around the world…

There are those who’ve lived it and those still living it.
There are those who just by enjoying one another’s company,
Make college itself an experience worth wishing.

This is where the Panthers get away within the very
axis of their home. Retreating to the touch of winter’s caress,
and by touching one another, relieving the stress
of fellow Panthers whose wishes have all come true,
and Middlebury College,
They owe it all to you.

These are the Christmas Carols of a never-ending season
of giving where cheer is always outside your door.
And in the spirit of Christmas some benevolent soul is
wishing that someone else,
far, far away,
Prepared to graduate high school will share this wish
of standing by the Christmas tree singing with them
the joys and praises
of such a blessed

Alma Mater.

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