University of Vermont Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!



Universitas V. Montis,
Winning in nature’s long contest,
To this retreat we bring our best,
The Green Mountains.

The Catamounts Trail in Vermont,
Apple-picking along the jaunt,
In the iced glades the skiers daunt
The Green Mountains.

By the beauty of Lake Champlain,
The study setting lies again,
Where sunsets gleam as they soak in
The Green Mountains.

As syrup drips from the maples,
We drop by Church, and all staples
of the state that blazes April,
The Green Mountains.

4/20 each year: the Green fills,
Superpipe high—snowboarding skills,
Here where green rolls like the hills,
The Green Mountains.

The fests, people, and love is dank,
High volume of the loud we crank,
The winter life found is first rank,
The Green Mountains.

Catamounts barefoot in the snow,
Throwing snowballs, passing hydro,
Free People Reaching High, let’s go:
To the Mountains.

Girls clad and waving Proud Mary,
Guys in sandals; red eyes weary,
Wearing the Gap, ’til there’s nary,
The Merged Mountains.

Feel Good in Davis and throughout
A place where ev’ry Cat stands out,
Gold ambiance in parks that shouts,
The Green Mountains.

A home of Gold and Green routing,
Like the fountain of Green sprouting,
This is our favorite outing:
The Green Mountains.

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