Sonoma State University Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 3: The West
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*Sonoma State University*

At Sonoma State University,
You have an audience.
The professors will be producers who edit, critique, and fine-tune,
All while assuring that you do not lose your voice.
The friends you make on this tight-spun campus?
They will be your private audience. They will listen to
What you declared is not yet ready for the world to hear.
They will help you see things you may have missed,
And be there even when there is nothing left to say.
Sonoma State University is your audience.
It is a place of healing and a chamber of comfort.
It is your very own Green Music Center,
Where like the orchestras and singers on stage,
The pitch of your acoustics resonates somewhere & in someone.
Everyone has a need for their voice to have a feed,
And at Sonoma State University,
You may rest sound that it is heard indeed.

Follow for more poems from the Art of Mind and Alma Mater series shared daily. You can purchase Clyde Aidoo’s latest release, Alma Mater Vol. 3: The West, a poetry experience celebrating the top universities of the West by clicking the link below.

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