Cal State Monterey Bay Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 3: The West
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*Cal State Monterey Bay*

They met in the Outdoor Adventure Club,
It was the start of autumn on a Tuesday Afternoon.
Soon after, the Otters experienced
The most scenic ride in the world.

The 17-Mile Drive on the Monterey Peninsula holds fond memories between these Otters.
Much like the time spent on the rock beds of Lover’s Point,
Where they dived deeper in the surging beyond its turbulence.
On this drive they have looked out at the powder-white sand of Pebble Beach,
Harbor seals positioned lovingly near their pups,
And western landmarks like the iconic Lone Cypress.
They’ve made this drive together many times,
Often with her head resting on his right shoulder,
as the cool breeze caressed them both.
They felt the easement of the rocky coasts,
Navigating with the yen to stay the course forever.

Forever began on that Tuesday afternoon,
In a meeting room for the Outdoor Club.
It could be seen forming in the gatherings of Dining Commons, and remained fanned
Whenever it was met with the sough breathed from every awe
of the fresh feel of the Monterey air.
The spark from that first meeting might have been fate,
But the fire surely spread like Manifest Destiny.
They rode through the West and saw all its glory…
But the greatest beauty transcends the mountain slopes and the most ethereal skies, it goes deeper than the bluest ocean, and contrary to popular belief, it is not its Forever that makes its beauty…it is the embrace of every fleeting minute.

No, they will never forget the 17-mile drives…
But it’s exploring love in Monterey Bay

That is the most scenic ride in the world.

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