Long Beach State University Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 3: The West
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*The Beach*

like The Color Purple fading from bleach,
Life has truths and so does college:
Students will play, Professors will teach,
And both of the above has brought us to The Beach.

An affordable education and plenty of fun,
Is why 49ers dig this school,
Plus plenty of water, plenty of sun,
And plenty of others choosing to come.

Over 30,000 rep’ Long Beach State,
And every year there’s another Gold Rush,
Beach Bunnies and Beach Bods are used as bait,
Jaws emerge hungry to suck then mate.


When Jaws suck in it’s the people that’s coming,
So many willing preys is why so many came,
Freshmen rush down like indoor plumbing,
And every semester, more meat is forthcoming.

The Beach Dirtbags bully foes when it’s sunny,
Which on our mound, is all year round,
And we got Dirtbags who won’t steal your lunch money,
But they will steal your babe then go to lunch with your honey.

On campus at the Nugget or somewhere up the coast,
With so many girls to every guy, no guy is safe!
It’s every girl for herself, so some guys play with dos,
Some thought they found el uno but they’re not even close.

But like true 49ers, we have to keep looking!
While looking at marvels like the Walter Pyramid,
The 18-story brilliance that promotes a grand booking:
School spirit boiling over from 5,000 spirits cooking.

We’re Monsoon Maniacs and this school is pipin’ hot,
This arena, the people—hell, just surf the crowd!
You’ll see fit surfers and tanned girls on the spot,
All who came to college in Cali ripe & hot.

There’s a glow when we touch: i.e.—E.T,
If you’re not a 49er you’re Raiders of a Lost Spark,
This school is always hot even with the A.C.,
This is the heat wave that has plagued the LB.

like Gold & Black never fading to bleach,
Life has truths and so does college:
Cali’s at its best when it commutes to the Beach,
And when you get here, let me hear, “Go Beach!”

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