Mount St. Mary’s Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 3: The West
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*Mount St. Mary’s College*

A young father took his daughter for a walk down Hollywood Boulevard
for the very first time. On such a moonlit summer night, she’d
never seen so many stars. For name after name she would stop, clutch tightly to her father’s hand, point down and ask
who were these chosen few.
Her father told her of the singers, movie stars, and famous personalities who each found their way into
Ever the conscientious little girl, the daughter couldn’t help notice a glaring omission.
She asked her father where her mother was. And why her name wasn’t with these stars.
The father reined his emotions to collect a genuine grin; and he remembered Athena, with all her brilliance. She had learned from the best mentors in L.A., how the best reward is neither money nor fame, but the pleasure that is felt from serving others. He stood remembering the way she lived her life to make friends and unknowns feel the way the stars felt…
At the top of the world.

With that, his head shifted from the ground up to the clouds, and told his daughter
Her mother’s up there…

And that she, too, is walking with the stars.

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