University of the Pacific Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 3: The West
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*University of the Pacific*

Reputation. In Stockton, California, for many, it’s all they have.
Reputations have a tendency to follow into the streets like a prowler in the night. And it is known to follow for the rest of your life.
And when it finds you, as it always does,
Tell it you have nothing to run from.

There are men who fight for their reputation.
Today there are just as many willing to kill for it.
Bullets that wound the very name of the beholder more than the fallen victim
who wears the crimson slug. Men who believe that potential harm is what keeps their name strong and feared…blind to the fact that a much greater harm to their community and families has already been committed. What a crime, whether or not people snitch…and from the McGeorge Law School of Pacific, many ferocious Tigers
Defend our community from injustice.

There are good reputations. People who work for a better life for their families—future and current. There are also bad reputations…sometimes bestowed in spite of what’s earned.
When a graduate from McGeorge cleared his brother in an appeal of a double homicide, his brother was then free to reenroll into Pacific

And fight (for it is in the right)….to win back his reputation.

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