Scripps College Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 3: The West
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*Scripps College*

We’ll start here at the doors of Denison,
Then with the years you’ll go proceed,
To hold each tick as prime as venison,
In gardens where Green shows you’ll succeed.
You’ll stroll daily through shades of flowers,
Be serenaded by the roses of Scripps,
Then to the section that’s Margaret Fowler’s,
Improvising to beauty, never going off Scripps.
Remain in Motley and in Browsing Rooms,
Look out to this glorious place we live,
Segue to trees where sweetness looms,
Then cue friendships where you’ll ad lib.
Remember, the Wooden Doors is where you’ll come in,
If you seize this chance, life’s show will begin:

Take One.

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