FAMU (Alma Mater Vol. 4)


What up, FAM?

Rattlers. You know the ones. The ones that never shed the Orange and Green.
They only bust it open for anyone who wants to bleed with them. Eat with them.
Their only formality is Southern Hospitality. The rest….you’ll just find out when you get here.

What up, Famo?

When you do get here, that is what you’ll hear.
Then you’ll hear the Marching 100, and the world’s cage
Rattled by steppers who come out
to help show what FAMU’s about.
What is up, FAMU?

Sheeit, nuhttin’. Just changing perceptions in every direction with every course section.
Like the ones signed for in Pharmacy, and the ones read about when great Journalism is covered.
And the false perception of who Rattlers are, what they’re about, and who they let in.
They think FAMU is about Black. Nah, son.
It’s all about that Orange and Green.
In the wise words of the great Thurgood Marshall, the highest tribute to humanity is when we recognize the humanity of our fellow beings. So when a degree is earned by a native of one of the different 70+ countries of Rattlers from every color, they all say the same thing to employers, doubters, and anybody who think they got us checked:
You better recognize.
This Greek Life? You better recognize.
The nightlife? You better recognize.
The Marching Hun’ed? You better recognize.
The world has changed a lot since 1887, and if you can’t tell the difference between real change that Rattles today and all the counterfeit:
You better recognize.
And when you recognize, you might just realize,
That this is the school for you, and if you do,
When you get here we will extend our greeting:

What up,
Welcome to the Family.

You can preview and purchase Alma Mater Vol. 4 below:

You can also find the link to the entire four-volume collection below as well!

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