The Saddest Love Lamented

*The Saddest Love Lamented*

Relationships, crushes on a familiar face ending in premature rejection that terminates a one-sided courtship…even engagements and marriage that falter before and after the altar…each have completed chapters. There’s no need to ask what would happen when you’ve already finished the book.

Sometimes it’s the ones we wished to know, who leave the biggest question of what could have been, and whether or not you would have been good together. And sometimes, we only have one chance to determine if Love at First Sight really does exist. If that chance is not seized, it remains a case of “You never know.”

And if you never see her again, you have to live with it for the rest of your life…maybe that very fact proves:

That love at last sight is real.

There she is.
There she goes.
The one chance you had—you’ve blown…
There’s nothing like wondering
What Could’ve Been—
With a girl you’ve
Never Known.

You can read the Kirkus Review for Art of Mind III Below:

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