University of South Florida Poem


Here’s a great tip for new investors in college,
It’s good advice, freshmen, so you better mark it,
If you want the stalled stock of your life to grow,
Come to USF, cuz it’s a Bull Market.

It’s proven advice for high-school seniors,
And those that were wise, decided to mark it,
Like the MLK plaza behind Marshall Center,
Florida & USF: Is a Bulls’ Market.

40,000 Bulls in the Green & Gold,
Overriding the powers thinkin’ they’re atop us,
The Bulls are much stronger—Get off our Backs,
Now we must ride off to continue the fuss.
In Downtown Tampa then Ybor City,
To make the nights hotter than daytime at the beach,
In U-S-F, we take nights till nothin’s left,
When new Bulls can’t keep up, we have to reteach:

Don’t stop drinking,
No means No.
Till the sun’s back up:

But it’s the other things that all add up,
Why we wanna stay Bulls past 23, Michael Jordan,
The parties are great, the beaches are, too,
But there are other factors just as important:

A spot in a school well-known for research:
Among Florida’s best, you bet, it’s USF,
Where patents are plenty, professors are privy,
And great weather is just as you’d expect.

And at Raymond Jones, out comes the Green & Gold,
Led by the Herd of Thunderous pep,
And after the band marches without flaw,
It is the other team that must watch their step.

The band’s presence then remains to be known,
On all downs just like Rocky the Bull,
And the cheerleaders celebrate with push-ups,
Every time their cheers paid off in full.

But there’s nothing like the Herd’s march of “Bull,”
As the team runs out to Rage as Machines,
We don’t always win, we will never bend,
But Bulls always will bounce back—trampolines.

The best things are shared in Tampa Bay—Pirate Bay,
And we’re about that Pirate life in Tampa—Buccaneers,
A place where all ages celebrate at Gaspirilla,
And the underage float while chatting over beers.

USF’s the place to come—if you’re wise now that’s the truth,
Your life will never be the same—and that’s no bull,
Put the symbol on your head, your new life’s straight ahead,
And keep the sign in place as they race,
Go Bulls!

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You can also find the link to the entire four-volume collection below as well!

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