*Buck-Fiddy Grizzled*

*Buck-Fiddy Grizzled*

And Now!!!

Coming down the aisle…

At a Buck-Fiddy Grizzled…

A Grown-Ass Man in the Toy Aisle!!!

And that’s how I like it.

I need the peace and quiet to return to a time when My Mind Went Wild with the roar of a Jam-Packed Crowd.

Whenever I walked down the aisle…
My ring attire was just a massive smile.

Now I’m back not to purchase, but for the purpose of remembering that feeling.

I was usually accompanied by my father down the aisle; ready to wrestle with the grueling task of deciding which figure I should get…

“There are so many possibilities, but I can only get two…though I’d love to have way more…
But we’ll be back next Saturday…then maybe he’ll let me get four!
Ooooh! I can already imagine who they’ll face…and who I’ll pit them up against!”

Each Monday, an hour before Monday Night Raw, I had my own Monday Night Raw: 7 p.m. Central every Monday on the hour. Each meticulous show concluded precisely at 8 p.m., just in time to catch my competition. And once a month, I held my own pay-per-views that literally brought the house down—shattering not records, but upstairs glasses and noise barriers with the vibrations of action and imagination that can only happen
Once in a Lifetime.

Now here we are all these years later;
Instead of a scrawny kid, I’m
100 percent Chiseled.
Now I’m a smaller version of these Giants:
Coming in at a Buck-Fiddy Grizzled.

And I’m man enough to return to this aisle.
And I’m still boy enough to again wear that smile.
And I’m still Human enough to never forget:
The smell of this packaged fantasy-land…
The feeling of unwrapping its plastic…

Freeing me, them, and this land itself
To roam in a jurisdiction dictated only by me.

I got jitters when I walked down this aisle,
And now the Figure known as “Buck-Fiddy Grizzled,”
Has reverted to the ten-year-old child…

Man, do I miss him.

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