Not In Attendance; Still Taking Notes

From Art of Mind III: The Evolution of a Trilogy

*Not In Attendance; Still Taking Notes*

Every relationship there is or ever was—
Has been taken for granted.
Yes, including yours.
Not that You care.
Your love is Solid and Enduring…
It is also rare, special,
Especially Unique…
That’s all that matters.
Even if you two are the only in the world—
Who fully know,
Truly Care,
They aren’t here.
They weren’t there.

To everyone else you’re just two more people holding hands, walking down the street, sitting in the theater, or showing PDA.
Many close to you know of your union, and for an instant, so do onlookers also
In Attendance.
It doesn’t matter that they don’t seem to care—
They aren’t here.
They weren’t there.


For whatever it’s worth: I’m intrigued by your past—and what your future brings,
I know some moments and details are sacred:

But I want to know Everything.

You can read the Kirkus Review for Art of Mind III Below:

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