University of Louisiana at Lafayette Poem (Alma Mater Vol. 4: The South)

*University of Louisiana at Lafayette*

Lafayette Welcomes You,
You mayn’t feel it now,
but you shall soon,
So when you are feeling all at sea:
Prepare for the battery.

Festivity: Happily, Boldly,
Creole life resides
School Spirit,
Love & Yet More Love,
And Lagniappe Week:
You’ll get a little extra

Pagin’ Ragin’ Cajuns.
Bring this lost life home,

With instruments that are sure to bring out the Red,
And carry him into the White:

He’ll not only be brought to,
But with the Cajuns he’ll be taught to,
Seize this new life gave

You can find the link to the entire four-volume collection of Alma Mater below!

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