The Inspiration

From Art of Mind III: The Evolution of a Trilogy

*The Inspiration* 

When life hands them lemons,  

They make Masterworks.  

Days that begin as tomatoes— 

They grind into Heinz Field. 

You see tomato, 

They say tomato— 

But they don’t simply say, “tomato,”  

but rather, “Fried Green Tomatoes.” 

This is a world where everyday 

Walks of Life  


Motion Pictures— 

Given the right lens. 

How can so many seemingly ordinary days inspire so many proverbs, aphorisms, poems, movies, songs, and 


Among So Many People? 

It is the different strokes of man that allow aesthetes to paint such pretty pictures. At this instant the inebriated lovers who strip art from the aesthetes are inspired by all too extraordinary days— 

Thus it is their works that engulf art the most.  

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