Warm Place

*Warm Place*

She could only hail from such a Warm State.
She always comes from such a Warm Place.

She has the heart of Palm Trees and Sunbeams.
Each Visit is Exquisite.
I want to go with her.
In Chicago,
I’m Always Freezing.

Her warmth takes me So Far North—
It could only be sent from Down South.

Then again, Each Word that blows in this wind
Takes me on a tour through California:
If those are the windows to your soul—
Then Babe, You’ve got Golden Gate Eyes.

Or she could always move to Tennessee…
Since she’s the only Ten I…Blah.

She could only hail from such a Warm State,
I swear
She always comes from such a Warm Place.

And if the day comes when you find you’re in the cold,

In My Heart You’ll Always Keep A Safe Place.

You can read the Kirkus Review for Art of Mind III Below:


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Lynn University Poem

*Lynn University*

When past meets future
For hearings on who shall rule,
Lynn Knights, what say you?

You can preview and purchase Alma Mater Vol. 4 below:

You can also find the link to the entire four-volume collection below as well!

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There’s a certain magic in the air.
Of a Virtual Variety.
What we are—I don’t know or care to define.
I will protect our secret like an illusionist—No, I won’t touch it. I can’t lose it.
I want to drown in our mystery bank—only to emerge once more unscathed.
I want you to remain the escape artist I admire from afar…
While you feel
Close Enough to Touch.
Satellites from the prairie crash into my big city reveries…we will remain star crossed—by no plane our paths cross…only in this realm can we dance in the galaxy of our bayou—because every day is Mardi Gras with you:
You make me bare my chest.
You see those bright lights? Center stage awaits us. You are a true Dorothy Dietrich. Me? I’m here trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat. I’ve heard that we are only allowed to have three great ones in our lives. Sonny LoSpecchio said that. But my sleight-of-hand lacks grace or command, so if you are the last that I may lose—I dread the performance of a Hat Trick.
My three great loves were actually three great wishes that never were. Whenever I tried to work my magic—the clout disappeared. Even when life fades, the stars remain in the sky; so you’ll maintain your position on my “Wish List.” I envision our stars aligning, and I see fireworks. Yes, I see cosmic rays of neon lights with our names written all over them. We’d show out like showgirls, with a panoramic view of the scintillating starbursts that shine, “Special for you and me.” I intend to hold the sparkling glitter of this mental eruption in the palms of my stems… for should this intricate magic that we have worked so hard to master become a reality in which the luster lies in the performance of my clumsy, inept hands…

I am afraid that this glitter will reveal as dust.

You can read the Kirkus Review for Art of Mind III Below:


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University of South Florida Poem


Here’s a great tip for new investors in college,
It’s good advice, freshmen, so you better mark it,
If you want the stalled stock of your life to grow,
Come to USF, cuz it’s a Bull Market.

It’s proven advice for high-school seniors,
And those that were wise, decided to mark it,
Like the MLK plaza behind Marshall Center,
Florida & USF: Is a Bulls’ Market.

40,000 Bulls in the Green & Gold,
Overriding the powers thinkin’ they’re atop us,
The Bulls are much stronger—Get off our Backs,
Now we must ride off to continue the fuss.
In Downtown Tampa then Ybor City,
To make the nights hotter than daytime at the beach,
In U-S-F, we take nights till nothin’s left,
When new Bulls can’t keep up, we have to reteach:

Don’t stop drinking,
No means No.
Till the sun’s back up:

But it’s the other things that all add up,
Why we wanna stay Bulls past 23, Michael Jordan,
The parties are great, the beaches are, too,
But there are other factors just as important:

A spot in a school well-known for research:
Among Florida’s best, you bet, it’s USF,
Where patents are plenty, professors are privy,
And great weather is just as you’d expect.

And at Raymond Jones, out comes the Green & Gold,
Led by the Herd of Thunderous pep,
And after the band marches without flaw,
It is the other team that must watch their step.

The band’s presence then remains to be known,
On all downs just like Rocky the Bull,
And the cheerleaders celebrate with push-ups,
Every time their cheers paid off in full.

But there’s nothing like the Herd’s march of “Bull,”
As the team runs out to Rage as Machines,
We don’t always win, we will never bend,
But Bulls always will bounce back—trampolines.

The best things are shared in Tampa Bay—Pirate Bay,
And we’re about that Pirate life in Tampa—Buccaneers,
A place where all ages celebrate at Gaspirilla,
And the underage float while chatting over beers.

USF’s the place to come—if you’re wise now that’s the truth,
Your life will never be the same—and that’s no bull,
Put the symbol on your head, your new life’s straight ahead,
And keep the sign in place as they race,
Go Bulls!

You can preview and purchase Alma Mater Vol. 4 below:

You can also find the link to the entire four-volume collection below as well!

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*Buck-Fiddy Grizzled*

*Buck-Fiddy Grizzled*

And Now!!!

Coming down the aisle…

At a Buck-Fiddy Grizzled…

A Grown-Ass Man in the Toy Aisle!!!

And that’s how I like it.

I need the peace and quiet to return to a time when My Mind Went Wild with the roar of a Jam-Packed Crowd.

Whenever I walked down the aisle…
My ring attire was just a massive smile.

Now I’m back not to purchase, but for the purpose of remembering that feeling.

I was usually accompanied by my father down the aisle; ready to wrestle with the grueling task of deciding which figure I should get…

“There are so many possibilities, but I can only get two…though I’d love to have way more…
But we’ll be back next Saturday…then maybe he’ll let me get four!
Ooooh! I can already imagine who they’ll face…and who I’ll pit them up against!”

Each Monday, an hour before Monday Night Raw, I had my own Monday Night Raw: 7 p.m. Central every Monday on the hour. Each meticulous show concluded precisely at 8 p.m., just in time to catch my competition. And once a month, I held my own pay-per-views that literally brought the house down—shattering not records, but upstairs glasses and noise barriers with the vibrations of action and imagination that can only happen
Once in a Lifetime.

Now here we are all these years later;
Instead of a scrawny kid, I’m
100 percent Chiseled.
Now I’m a smaller version of these Giants:
Coming in at a Buck-Fiddy Grizzled.

And I’m man enough to return to this aisle.
And I’m still boy enough to again wear that smile.
And I’m still Human enough to never forget:
The smell of this packaged fantasy-land…
The feeling of unwrapping its plastic…

Freeing me, them, and this land itself
To roam in a jurisdiction dictated only by me.

I got jitters when I walked down this aisle,
And now the Figure known as “Buck-Fiddy Grizzled,”
Has reverted to the ten-year-old child…

Man, do I miss him.

You can read the Kirkus Review for Art of Mind III Below:


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* 誕生祝い*

There are well over 5,000 languages in the world.

Not tonight.

Tonight the same audible cry is heard…

In the:

República Federativa do Brasil,

Jamhuri ya Uganda,

Republiken Finland,

Gumhūriyyat Misral-‘Arabiyyah,

Bhārat Ganarājya

Estados Unidos Mexicanos


The United States of America…

In hospitals in Lima, Ohio.

The same audible cry is heard as a thousand nations rejoice:
In their own native tongues:
In a decodable jovial voice.

The entire world will never agree on some things,
Having the same language is certainly one of them. But ironically, at one point, we all expressed ourselves the exact same way:

At the most crucial point of our lives.

Let us rejoice!
Un Celebración!
For every arrival around this world:

A Million Hopes are Born.

You can read the Kirkus Review for Art of Mind III Below:


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UCLA Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 3: The West: https://www.amazon.com/Alma-Mater-Vol-3-West-ebook/dp/B01CJYOA5A/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Alma+Mater+Vol+3.+The+West&qid=1570660289&sr=8-1


There’s nothing like the California sunshine to help see the world in a new light,
And wherever there is a face to be found in L.A.,
That light
Is reflected.

On the Pacific Shore are new Sons of Westwood
Who along with daughters have run away from home
And within hours see that they were missing
On a picture of happiness thought to only be captured on the Big Screen.

But no, you’re in it.
And it is inside two girlfriends who stroll the Bruin Walk arm-and-arm,
Both smiling cheek-to-cheek,
They have both landed their dream role in the nation’s top dream school:
It’s the California Dreams.

♫Don’t wake us up…Don’t wake us up if we’re dreaming♫

Just jump in. Pinch yourself if you must, but this is your new home.
Where that reflection never stops shining. Where the sun is timeless and life is golden.
You have made it to UCLA;
And now that you’ve made it…tell yourself that you’re gonna make it.
Now, let’s take it from the top…
This time, say it like you believe it.


Scene 1: The City

“I’m Gonna Make It!”

That’s it! That’s how it’s said by the Optimists,
The achievers,
The bohemian weavers who make their own breaks.
Contemporary voices who have earned the Bruin Gold
Then traveled until they went Platinum—
Into the Triangle of Bel-Air, Beverly, and Holmby.
These extensions of the UCLA Campus contain
Mansions with Playboys,
And attractions that appeal to both sexes,
Like a motion picture at Westwood Village,
Or the beachfront where excursions mingle.

This is what they came for.
They who are still seeking who they are and further,
Where they can go.

The scholars, the ballers, the wild spirits and ambitionists
All who, including you, have fallen into these
Palms of L.A….

And in these palms you can see your destiny.

Scene 2: The Grounds

Stand there. Right there. By the Inverted Fountain. Perfect. That’s money.

Bruin #1: “This campus is fucking gorgeous. Let’s go for a walk.”
Bruin #2: “I’m already ahead of you.”

And so they went. From this spot of hot springs they indeed took action.
To the Bruin Plaza, where not only the Bear, but concerts are held with the movements of undercurrents that
Nobody can see,
But everybody can feel.
Take notes. And carry them with you to a theatre show or wherever you go:
Through Murphy’s Sculpture Garden where you’ll Unbutton Flowers with Oval Forms,
Until the notes you’ve practiced take you to the Pavilion, and Bruins complete a final test of nerves and spunk at the annual Spring Sing. Put each note to good use. Let the undercurrents crash on the stage…and your reaction dive in the crowd.
Then go crash on The Hill:
The topmost harbor for dialogues as you lie down,
That always come up again the following morning.

Bruin #1: “This day is fucking gorgeous. Want to go for another walk?”
Bruin #2: “Does Franco have a man crush on Rogen?”
Bruin #1: “So that means you’re in?”
Bruin #2: “Not only am I in, but in the words of Rogen to Franco…I’m already behind you.”


Scene 3: The Library

This is where it happens. The envisioning prior to the action. The 800-plus student organizations found on campus already displays that Bruins work together, and in Powell we prepare for the classroom, and in the classroom we prepare to take off.

At one point or another, every influential Bruin has stepped inside Powell, to sit down at desks full of fluctuating ideas and press control to make an imprint starting from the desk then circulating to the rest. Prize-winning control freaks like Ralph Bunche who ensured persons of color have control of where they are going, shooting right past where they’ve been. This is where the control keys impressed enough to earn 12 Rhodes Scholarships, the emersion of desalination, stem cells that destroy HIV, the optimism to find the gene that leads to self-esteem…

And the fact that whenever the Internet itself hits “Home…”

It always backspaces to UCLA.

Scene 4: Bruin Café

It is a Friday night and Bruins are enjoying a dinner the quality of which is only found on the UCLA Campus. Four years after packing on the Freshmen 15, senior Bruins sit to share a meal and memories, to discuss the leftovers.

Bruin #1: “What will you remember most?”
Bruin #2: “Everything. The parties, the games, Sunset Strip… the food.”

Bruin #3: “I’m gonna remember the frat parties, and the football games.”
Bruin #4: “Fuck SC.”
The Bruins: “Fuck SC!”
Bruin #5: “I’m gonna remember the girls.”
Bruin #6: “I’m gonna remember the guys.”
Bruin #7: “I’m gonna remember Undie Run.”
The Bruins: “Undie Run!”
Bruin #8: “How awesome was Wednesday?”
Bruin #4: “Bro, You totally went balls out.”
Bruin #5: “Yes, as you and the Instagram world continue to remind me.”
Bruin #7 (To Bruin #8): “What are you gonna remember?”
A brief silence ensues as forks, spoons, and hands continue to appease eager mouths. The Bruin then responds.
Bruin #8: “Tomorrow.”

Scene #5: Graduation – The Pavilion

The world is waiting to be seized. After the formalities and the heartfelt dialogues, with this diploma cut right to the chase.

Scene #6: Bruin Day

At the admissions tent in Bruin Plaza, a future Bruin rings the Victory Bell. He is one of the winners who were admitted to the school that is more applied to than any other. It is the biggest accomplishment in the young Bruin’s life and he then seeks you out for advice. He just asked you what he should do when he arrives at The Hill. How can he be assured that he will find success. As a graduate student who has seen and done it all, deliver the line in a way that tells him that the dream gets even better…but he does have to work to stay in it.


“At the end of your trip, from the moment you arrive on campus…like the Bruins who came before you…

Follow the Wooden Blocks.”


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