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Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind), Panic! At the Disco

She’s already running…so why not grab his hand while in motion like a baton and race towards life? In doing so, she pulls the speaker out from the forefront of his own mind, thus putting someone else in first place.

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Paradox of “I Love You”

“You give one heart You get back two That’s the paradox Of I love you Said when you give your heart You get one, too That’s the paradox Of I love you”

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Dream Match

*Dream Match* Close your eyes & Dream with Me. And together: Let’s ask the age-old question, “What if?” What if two people at their best could defy time and space and meet in the middle of the circle? Not the

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Barry University (Alma Mater Vol. 4)

*Barry University* You can observe it here, but it’s present everywhere. Barry University was built with catholic tenets and resided in Dominican heritage, but its inclusion can be seen in the diversity spotted in Miami Shores that reaches out progressively

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The Saddest Love Lamented

*The Saddest Love Lamented* Relationships, crushes on a familiar face ending in premature rejection that terminates a one-sided courtship…even engagements and marriage that falter before and after the altar…each have completed chapters. There’s no need to ask what would happen

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Warm Place

*Warm Place* She could only hail from such a Warm State. She always comes from such a Warm Place. She has the heart of Palm Trees and Sunbeams. Each Visit is Exquisite. I want to go with her. In Chicago,

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*Stardust* There’s a certain magic in the air. Of a Virtual Variety. What we are—I don’t know or care to define. I will protect our secret like an illusionist—No, I won’t touch it. I can’t lose it. I want to

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