The Art of a Woman

From Art of Mind II: All In
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*The Art of a Woman*

Cashmere skin softer than surah fabric — spun from the very thread of nature…All the way down to their hips — One touch lifts flocculent trips.
Those variety of hips are molded in a feminine lotion —
When they move it’s
Poetry in Motion.

A Higher Power has created these Models…

And they use His sidewalks as their runways.

Oh, we stop and stare, because
they have a fragrance about their poise, and an aura upon their confidence.
Beneath those hips lie-thighs with a buried treasure of a potent diamond that uplift new lives upon us.
And with the strength appointed in them they Labor to be Birth Givers,
then perfect
The Art of Caretaking.

Yes a Higher Power created these Models…but they each hold their Own crafted image.
This green earth carries a multi-colored gallery…
With a Maker who disgraces Picasso.

Let us praise His name, for He has done well…
I do not know if God is
Male or Female…
I do know
He or She

Is an Artist.

©2012. Original Clyde Aidoo. All Rights Reserved.
Feel free to reblog or share the link, all with proper credit given to author.
All rights reserved.

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