The Antique

(From Art of Mind II: All In)

*The Antique*

I already knew you were beautiful,
But when I saw your photo I did a
Your lines blur what’s beneath,
But now I see you.
The Real You.

I am elated to capture the beatific movement
of this antique stilled image
and carry it on with me every time I see your figure.
And all the aging hours that I don’t.

This isn’t a slight at the current model,
She’s a Beauty, Too.
This was snapped a long time ago,
But It Is Still You.

I did not know of your total beauty,
And as long as you are alive:
That beauty is still inside you.
If I’m in a hurry to peel off your layers,

I just want to get close to it.

©2012. Original Clyde Aidoo. All Rights Reserved.
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