Northern Illinois University Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 1: The Midwest. Available Now!

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Togetherness at Northern Illinois University is not limited to Greek Row,
It’s the times we have stood in rows to help…
And it’s all these times in a row.
Huskies are always present:
Check the roll.

In Brigham Field we always show up,
At the Rec Center the Huskies often throw up,
Training for Division I Athletic Competition,
Together our strength can only go up…
With these Party Thursdays in DeKalb, Illinois:
We don’t ever
Want to grow up.

We want to stay in Starbusters’ beer garden in any weather,
Then kneel at the porcelain throne after Lord Stanley’s,
And when Friday arrives, as in Stand by Me,
The Huskies will always walk together.
Releasing a stressful week of hard work well done,
It’s another week of school behind us,
Now standing at the rear all the way to the front:
Is Us.
We push through exams, bar lines, and end zones,
There’s Black and Red Huskies that surround you,
And if anyone needs a Husky to push you through—
just Fall in Reverse & Pick up your Phones.

When you’re stuck at the crossroads of traffic jams,
And you ask for help with accelerated words,
Or at a standstill because you ran out of gas,
There is no need to say any more words…
We will Push together

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