Dartmouth Tribute Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast
Available Now for only 99 cents!



Dartmouth is outdoors:
The vision & tenor
of the scene,
Calling our fair name—
The Big Green.

Dartmouth is the Lodge:
Our faithful lair
by the ravine,
In the virescence of sweet nature—
The Big Green.

She is the streak of green effuse,
We streak like the Greek without excuse,
The Ledyard Challenge we always defeat—
The winning streak.

We disrobe like Sigma Delta
to feel
The rush of the wind on skin—
A cascade of Beaver Brooks
We spill—
To the River.

On the Skiway our outing clubs brace—
for the mountains.
Then release to a vertical drop—
for the shiver.
We shape the snow and the goose bumps form
at Occom Pond—where the moose rumps form…
When the carnival of white is so adorned
By the Green.

Dartmouth is the Greek:
The letters and colors
on the edge;
Rewriting—what is partying—
They allege.

Dartmouth is the party,
Even our mascot reps a keg,
Its legacy we’ll honor by drinking its spring:
The Pledge.

Our springs have Pow-Wows closed with a Green Key,
Plus music, grills, and crazy hijinks,
We have Gammapalooza and Phi Delt’s drinks—
On the block—of the house.
While Alpha Delta turns the AD lawn…

Into an Animal House.

In the fall, each house loves to come home;
When every house clears
Because of the fire.
And yet another freshman class
Thrown in,
Sending it higher.

A bonfire elevating to a bond fire,
Building memories to heights
that will never expire…
Providing the light to every Dartmouth night.

With each lap around the fire,
We—and the crackles—
grow stronger…
And like Baker’s Bells, on this grass
They sing:
This is our Alma Mater,
This is
The Big Green.

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