Fresno State University Tribute

From Alma Mater Vol. 3: The West
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**Fresno State*

What goes on behind the scenes—and by what means—
Does Fresno go to stay on the make?
Where do they find the time to craft such winery?
And how do they combine such sweet refinery?

What goes on behind the scenes of these award-winning flavors?
And how do they convene to put in all the labor?
In the enterprises across the campus brought to the Gibson market,
After tending to the crops, cattle, and swine,
We soothe a hard day’s work with the balance of wine.

And we have all aged with vineyard ways
And each year gets better at Vintage Days.

50,000 from all ages
come to Fresno to enjoy this showcase
what various craftsmen have been waiting to share.

They enjoy Boomtown Food and Games, live entertainment,
And sample Fresno through beer & wine tastings as well as the
Features of this three-day event.
Some who attend this event are seniors in high school,
And when they hear about what has been made here, and what’s been done…
Such as the winning of the 2008 Baseball Championship…
Then hear about the hundreds of awards that’s been won,
They can’t help wondering what went into all of this.
And though they may not know how we’ve done it,
They know whatever it took,
That whatever it takes,

They’ll join the enterprise next year after making it.

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