She & He

*She and He*

She wore a trim pink tank top…
That was the color of her nursery five years ago.
They named her Rachel, and she was the newest of three…a welcomed addition to the
She holds the brown skin & heart of cinnamon…
Carrying the birthmark of a permanent smile.
Last year she shared her laughter with family and friends, with her dancing rendition of “Billie Jean” at her birthday party.

Today she has medium curls with a yellow ribbon.
To the Bennetts she is Lil Rey-Rey.

Remember the look on Joseph’s face when he unwrapped his Tonka remote-controlled car last Christmas? The Hansons do. He was the boy who lit Christmas. His surprise and animation was a gift they’ll always remember—with or without the aid of their Samsung camcorder.

They named him after his great grandfather Joseph—Lieutenant: 34th Infantry Division.

He has blue eyes and neat blonde hair. He’s wearing a blue polo shirt with playful white stripes along with tartan shorts.

It’s just another day for us as the children gather for this monumental first day in what is to be the rest of their lives.
Come recess, whilst concurrently with so many on this very playground and around the world:
She and He
exchanged stories, joined hands & families:
The very moment that they said,

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